• Oxford Market Food Hall Part of $50 Million Upgrade to One Oxford Centre

    "A variety of cuisine is very important to customers right now, especially millennials," says Ken MacIntyre, regional VP at Eurest Dining. "This provides a really nice environment where you can get a variety of restaurants and menu offerings all in one place."

    MacIntyre stresses that it is too early to say which tenants will make up the market but that they are "looking for a nice balance" of cuisines, from local, regional and national brands, so that different vendors won't be in direct competition with one another. Existing food retailers Starbucks, Au Bon Pain and Sushi & Rolls are expected to remain.

    One part of the food hall that is for certain is the Create Exhibition, a venue that will have rotating specials, wine tastings and cooking demonstrations from local and celebrity chefs.

    Find out all of the details at the link to Next Pittsburgh.

    May 15, 2017