Division Chef Robin Hernaez
Regional Wellness & Marketing Director Sarah Defreitas, RDN, LDN


Food with Purpose Passion:

Education for our team and guests

Program Highlights:

Education through team building and Teaching Kitchens. Chef Robin and Sarah’s passions are focused on respect for their team through team building and educating their colleagues and guests on proper cooking techniques using simple ingredients through Teaching Kitchens.

The Journey Starts:

Chef Robin: “Being the father of a Gen Z’er I feel it’s important that my position on food and the environment aligns with my daughter’s. Social and environmental responsibility and how it ties into overall wellness is and has always been important to me long before it became a ‘thing’.”

Sarah: “I grew up on a small family owned farm in the Midwest. At a very early age, I was exposed to raising livestock and harvesting crops. When I determined my career path, I chose nutrition and dietetics to expand my appreciation for farming and food transparency to the effects that food choices can have on our bodies.”

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