While some may mark this past year as the year of challenges, we like to think of it as the year of finding connection (after all, one of our company pillars is “Connect with People”). Social distancing guidelines have forced many of us to find more creative ways to stay connected to the people we care about most – and in our case, it’s our associates, clients and our customers, especially if they are working for home.

Our team has put together a wide variety of options to continue to cultivate connections and grow company cultures through our multi-tiered food box programs. Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Lahiji shares how the programs allow us to stay connected with our customers, help our clients stay in touch with their employees and provide a safe outlet to nourish our customers as they work from home.


With these food boxes, you can liven up any meeting, initiate virtual connection and offer team building events for our client partners’ employees.

Teaching Kitchen @ Home pilot partnership with HelloFresh. A meal kit is sent straight to a customer’s house with six portions. They receive login information for a virtual Teaching Kitchen event that is taught by an executive chefs and registered dietitian, allowing participants to learn how to cook the meal alongside their co-workers virtually.

Virtual cooking classes can be held by one of our Executive Chefs or by one of our Star Chef or Celebrity Chef partners based on the event budget and needs. It’s a great way to bring energy and interaction to a meeting and get people participating at home.

Event-in-a-Box provides customized swag and snacks for an event and can be branded specifically for any meeting needs. This box is sent ahead of time and creates a lot of energy prior to a virtual event.

Virtual catering meeting boxes offer themed breakfast, snack or a wellness box that is prepared by our catering staff and shipped to arrive at the employee’s house in time for a virtual meeting.


With gift boxes, all employers can let their employees know they are thinking of them.

FUEL Boxes offer a variety of different snack boxes that range from better-for-you to sweet and salty. This is a great option if a client or customer wants to send something to a teammate as a quick pick-me-up or thoughtful gift.

Artisanal themed boxes are crafted with different popular retail products to create a complete meal or hearty snack. They’re a great way to let employees know you care and are thinking of them. These food boxes can be customized and sent directly to employees’ homes.

Live Recipe Cards share a cooking class demonstration by one of our chefs and Registered Dietitians with the simple scan of a QR code, letting our customers cook at their convenience and have a full demonstration as they do. Live Recipe Cards will be housed on our website for easy access for our clients and customers. (Check back soon to see the NEW Live Recipe Cards page)

What platforms and partnerships are we leveraging to make this possible?

We have partnered with HelloFresh to pilot a virtual program that allows us to deliver ingredients directly to our customers’ doors. HelloFresh provides meal kits nationally, so this is an opportunity for people to feel good and get connected all while preparing a meal for their family.

We are also leveraging partnerships internally such as with Canteen to provide our FUEL snack boxes. This collaboration allows us to tap into the most popular retail products and create snack boxes to rejuvenate employees during their work day at home.

What do your customers get out of these food box programs?

The program is purely designed to keep people connected and engaged. Our business is to feed the workforce and keep employees nourished while helping our clients attract and retain the best employees. We value our client partners and care about our customers, and through this new platform we can continue to grow cultures and connections.

Reach out to your marketplace manager to place an order for one of these food box options.