The longer we’re apart, the more being together matters to us and we crave that connection that comes naturally when we are in the same room. According to Gensler, working from home regularly was new to most employees at the start of the pandemic. And while working from home might sound like the dream at first thought, most of America’s workforce is looking forward to getting back to the workplace.

However, some still feel unsure about their safety or they are uneasy about readjusting the routine to which they’ve grown accustomed.

So how do we get our customers excited about ditching the comfort of their homes and coming back to work?

It starts from within. We utilize our employee engagement app to communicate with one another, drive innovation, share stories and foster the feeling of connection. The app allows us to share ideas and best practices to provide our teams nationwide with inspiration and creativity.

It has also been a key storehouse of information for our pre-service meetings which allow our associates to connect before a service time. Our pre-service meetings are a quick touch base to go over daily specials, safety information and associate recognition.

We believe in pouring into our people so they can pour into their customers. Our associates are creating experiences and infusing fun into the marketplace, starting with bringing back customer favorites like Chef’s Tables, Taco Tuesdays, tailgate parties and the holiday pie promotion that we all know and love. They all just look a bit different these days as we take special measures to keep everyone safe.

“Our teams are having so much fun doing this! They have really been creative in the way they are breathing life into these fun promotions,” shared Ginny Ward, National Accounts Marketing Director.

Take this carnival-themed event, for instance. For one day only, the team dressed up in their carnival attire and decorated the café from top to bottom. The menu consisted of corn dogs, soft pretzels, fried Oreos and popcorn – giving our customers a dose of nostalgia and fun at work.

We are energizing the workplace through incorporating elements of excitement that foster connection. Check out this post to learn more.

Of course, we aren’t putting our foot on the brake when it comes to safety. Check out this video where we explain all of the measures we’re taking to enhance our already extensive cleaning, sanitization and safety protocols. And in this post we dive in to the ways we are meeting our customers’ evolving needs as they return to the workplace.

“Now more than ever the customer experience is important. We’re educating our associates, giving them the confidence to greet customers warmly and help them navigate our ‘new normal.’ Genuine empathy and thoughtfulness are part of how we interact with customers and each other every day. We will continue to evolve and respond as we navigate this pandemic with creativity and innovation to address the needs of our customers.” said Ginny Ward.