Food with Purpose Change Maker: Ryan Sinn

June 12, 2024

It is inspiring to see the way Eurest associates work to ensure sustainability isn’t just an idea, but a practice integrated into daily operations.

This is the essence of our Food with Purpose Change Maker recognition. This June 2024, we celebrate the leadership and efforts of Regional Director Ryan Sinn.

Ryan shows extraordinary passion and commitment to reducing waste and promoting sustainability, particularly in his work with one major health insurance and services client.

He is a driving force behind several impactful initiatives across the client portfolio, including:

  • The elimination of all plastic bottles within marketplaces and unattended markets
  • Durable products that reduce the use of single-serve items
  • 100% compostable products at the Twin City location
  • A carbon footprint platform at three of the largest café locations
  • The ORCA digester unit at the client’s Corporate Headquarters

These initiatives have led to impressive results.

Additionally, Ryan has helped lead our teams at two of the client’s largest administrative campuses to support the sites’ zero-waste initiatives. They have worked to provide reusable dining utensils and dinnerware, contribute to composting efforts and educate our guests about how they can positively impact waste reduction and recycling.

Ryan’s dedication to reducing waste and sustainable solutions is helping to protect our planet and inspiring others to take meaningful action.