Eurest Feed RD Podcast interview with Amy Keister, SVP Sustainability and Culinary at Compass Group North America

April is Earth Month. A time to celebrate our precious planet and take actions to live life more sustainably. There are so many aspects to sustainability that it can be overwhelming and you may be thinking, “How much impact can one person make?” Well, turns out a lot. One person can have a wide-reaching effect because once you know better, you can do better and you can teach others to do better too, creating a wave of positive change.

Compass Group takes “know better, do better” to heart when it comes to sustainability because as the largest contract food service company globally, what we do has a profound impact on the food system. According to Amy Keister, SVP Sustainability and Culinary at Compass Group North America, three ways that we can all live a more sustainable life are to:

  1. Get informed. Pick one aspect of sustainability you are passionate about, whether it’s regenerative agriculture, lowering food waste, supporting local or reducing single-use plastics, and learn as much as you can about it. Books, reputable websites and documentaries are a good place to start. Then, most importantly, teach your co-workers, family, friends and especially your kids about it. Once they are more aware of the impact they can have, they will do better.
  2. Shop with a list. By sticking to a list you buy just what you need to prepare your family meals and limit the unnecessary purchases that can lead to waste.
  3. Show gratitude. Cultivate awareness of all the love, land, water, labor, energy and other resources used to bring your food to your plate. By being thankful for your food and honoring it as the precious resource that it truly is, you will be less likely to mindlessly waste it.

To learn more about what we are doing to drive sustainability check out our conversation with Amy in the April episode of Eurest Feed RD Edition. She has so much to share regarding how Compass Group is leading the industry in food waste reduction and in supporting regenerative agriculture practices.






Michelle Sadlowski, MS, RD, CSSD

Michelle Sadlowski is the Eastern Division Wellness Director. She has her Master’s in Exercise Science and has been a Registered Dietitian for over 15 years, with Compass for almost 10 of them. Michelle is also a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics and is an avid runner. In her free time, Michelle loves hiking, travelling and trying out new recipes at home.