Celebrating National Seafood Month is a great time to reflect on the incredible impact we have on the health of our oceans – both as individuals and as an organization.

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October is National Seafood Month and a great time to reflect on the health of our oceans.

According to our business partner, Monterey Bay Seafood Watch, roughly one-third of the global fish population is over-fished. Lack of regulations, human consumption and ocean habitat destruction also threaten the health of our oceans. If we don’t create systemic change to reduce our impact, the ocean will not be able to provide us the fish we need by 2048.

Compass Group takes sustainable seafood very seriously. It is our duty to do everything that we can to protect the aquaculture, reduce overfishing as well as fight illegal and under-regulated fishing practices. We follow the sustainability guidelines set by our partners at Monterey Bay Seafood Watch. We partner with vendors that offer wild seafood from well-managed fisheries and fish from responsibly managed farms.

In 2019, Compass Group was able to purchase 87% of our seafood sustainably. Our goal is for 100% of our seafood purchases to be made from sustainable sources and with your help, we can get there.

Visit www.seafoodwatch.org for more information.


Christianna Gozzi MA, MS, RD

Christianna a wellness manager and registered dietitian for Eurest, National Accounts. She supports a comprehensive wellness program for a large healthcare company where she oversees wellness promotion and nutrition education. Currently based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Christianna enjoys baking, hiking and jewelry making in her spare time.