FAD Free Tuna

All of the canned tuna we serve is FAD-free tuna. Fish aggregating devices (FAD) are floating, man-made structures that are used by some commercial tuna fishing operations to attract and aggregate tuna in the open ocean. FADs provide shelter in a vast featureless ocean and thus attract many species besides tuna. This practice is not sustainable since enormous nets draw closed like a purse, surrounding and capturing all the life attracted to the FAD, not just the target species. That “bycatch” can include sea turtles, dolphins, sea birds, sharks, swordfish, marlin, and juvenile fish such as bigeye tuna — which then don’t have the chance to reproduce, further destabilizing the world’s fish populations. We’re proud that the tuna we source comes from fisheries that don’t use FADs – a less destructive and more sustainable way to bring tuna to the table.