Comfort and convenience seem to be the name of the game in today’s service environment. Guests are telling us they are looking for the familiar and they want it fast.

That’s where our partners come in at Compass Digital Labs (CDL), home to the digital experts at Compass Group. Their team drives extraordinary experiences at the intersection of hospitality and technology.

Since March 2020, we’ve shifted into innovation overdrive. Not only has it been a top priority for us to ensure that our associates and guests are returning to our marketplaces safely, but we want them to do so in a way that’s enjoyable, flexible, and convenient. The following areas of technology have been pivotal in welcoming guests back safely and quickly.

According to a Datassential poll, diners are continuing to opt for contactless options. Of those polled, 64% reported that they plan to order at a safe distance more often, whether that’s by using a mobile app, drive-thru, or by calling ahead. Our inclusive mobile, online, and kiosk ordering options, like Thrive and Eatify, reduce contact and congestion while providing peace of mind to guests. Thanks to designated pickup areas, these solutions are end-to-end and provide a convenient, safe way to dine with us.

Speaking of designated pickup areas, some of our marketplaces offer climate-controlled food lockers outside of cafe spaces, which help to ensure food quality and safety. But, we haven’t forgotten about our guests looking to stay close to their desk. We can incorporate both human and robot-powered delivery options. We know the needs of our guests vary, and will continue to take their diverse individual needs into account as we incorporate innovative solutions into our marketplaces.

Of course, there are diverse needs for operators as well, which is where our Menu Manager, KDS, and Translatr products come in. By empowering our associates to deploy, define, and manage digital sites from anywhere, they have the autonomy to run their digital applications effectively and efficiently. Features include the ability to update item availability, menus, and promotions, in addition to powerful data-backed reporting.

We’re always excited to explore and harness the power of technology, and we think that CDL VP of Digital Strategy Chris Ludy explains this approach best:


“We’re really focused on user experience design, making sure that the products we put out are an enhancement for the consumer but also as simple as possible for our operators to use.”

Ultimately, we want our solutions to be just that—something that enhances an already amazing experience. If you’re interested in getting in touch with Compass Digital Labs, visit them at