Onsite Insights

Our recipe for success begins with gaining extensive knowledge of our customers and clients, including an understanding of onsite values, behaviors, routines and preferences, along with lifestyles and priorities beyond the food and service categories. We do this through our multi-level Onsite Insight model, which assesses customer preferences and surface opportunities, as well as helps to gain an understanding of priorities and habits as it relates to the local dining experience.
Our goal is to blend the onsite research with emerging consumer trends and culinary innovations to deliver customized product and service solutions aligned with customer values.

Programs and Promotions

Eurest designs seasonal campaigns and promotions, as well as proprietary programs that may be tailored to suit unique spaces and client needs. We know the importance of keeping our food offerings and services fresh and exciting for our customers, and thus leverage our trend resources and geographic studies to deliver the right promotion at the right time.


Social Media

In the fast-paced world of social media, our account teams are active on a variety of platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor and more. Almost all of our national accounts are on at least one social media platform and use the medium to interact with customers in a more personal, real-time fashion. It is used to showcase best practices in culinary, marketing, and catering;  launch new programs in the marketplace; and create a meaningful dialogue with our customers and associates.

Eurest shares the sector’s story, innovations, and culinary creations across several social media channels, including Instagram (@Eurest_USA, @eurestculinary), Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Technology Solutions

Eurest’s digital business strategy is rooted in creating a smooth and enjoyable marketplace experience for our guests. We utilize the best in foodservice technology solutions throughout our business, from customer apps to systems that simplify the checkout process for our guests.

Among our portfolio of technology solutions is the eDine! app, a customer-facing loyalty app with games, news, and reward features. It is custom branded and available for Apple and Android phones. eDine! provides a web-based management portal to view analytics and manage users with the capability for special rewards and a refer-a-friend program.

Our proprietary Zipthru Suite of Solutions delivers a whole new level of convenience and flexibility to our customers. Zipthru includes state-of-the-art solutions for ordering, paying, rewarding, and staying connected with our marketplaces, which are sure to improve customer satisfaction levels, reward loyalty, and encourage sales.

The program also features a wide range of real-time solutions, including the ability to create multimedia digital signage and to send promotions and coupons to a customer’s email or mobile device to encourage participation in key programs.

Innovative Spaces

Eurest’s culture is uniquely geared to foster bold ideas and innovation for the food and people we serve.  It is ingrained in our corporate DNA. What makes Eurest unique among foodservice management companies is our ability to logically channel this passion into programs and disciplines with speed, substance, and a success rate that no one else in the industry can rival. ​

We have the tools to ensure innovation is at the forefront of our business.  We use these insights to transform bold ideas into reality in and beyond the marketplace. We optimize existing spaces and transform them to be multifunctional spaces used thorough out the day. These spaces provide our customers with meeting areas, decompression zones, social spaces, and collaborative areas that create engagement and entertainment.

Power of Compass

Culinary Philosophy