Celebrating Diversity Through Food

September 21, 2023

Did you know that Eurest operates in 48 of the 50 states? Imagine the various cultures, family heritages and traditions and perspectives represented within our associate teams and the guests we serve.  As the world’s largest employer of chefs, Eurest and Compass Group encourages our chefs to tell the story of their cultures through food.


Chef’s Tables are one of our most beloved ways to tell that story. Our chefs are able to showcase recipes reflective of a chef’s culture while allowing our chef’s to be out in the marketplace making personal connections with guests.

But our chefs’ passion goes beyond their own cultures; they are equally enthusiastic about learning from each other. Executive Chef Chris Conklin is one of many chefs who shares a deep-rooted love for ethnic cuisines. He makes the effort to learn from some of the diverse associates on his team to better understand food from their respective cultures.

The Eurest Culinary team has developed 13 flavorful concepts, inspired by various ethnic cuisines for our guests to enjoy. Each concept is a celebration of the unique flavors that define culinary traditions from around the world.

For example, Bibimbap, one of Korea’s beloved dishes, honors the intricate flavors of Korean cuisine. Machu Peru pays tribute to traditional Peruvian foods. And Island Eats takes you on a journey through the Caribbean, where our chefs blend an eclectic mix of cultures and history to create an exciting and authentic menu for our guests to enjoy.

So, whether you visit a Chef’s Table featuring a global dish or visit one of our culturally-inspired stations, ask about the history of the recipe and connect with our chefs to learn more about their heritage. It’s a journey that celebrates diversity through the universal language of food.