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Culinary Philosophy

Our mission is to inspire through food. We strive to be the greatest in culinary innovation. We are committed to crafting seasonal ingredients into trend forward menus with local, regional and global flair. Through our Food with Purpose platform, our journey of simple ingredients and sustainable sourcing, we are committed to improving the lives of people and our planet because we care about what we feed our guests.

“As the world’s largest employer of chefs, we are home to some of the best, many of which came from the restaurant industry. After all, Eurest stands for European Restaurants. Our food is reflective of our culture as a company – it’s purpose-driven, integrating wellness and sustainability into everything we do.” - Chris Ivens-BrownCHIEF CULINARY OFFICER
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We are passionate about delicious,
authentic food.

Our inclusive, innovative culture motivates our people and is reflective in the food we serve.

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We care about people
and the planet.

We help build a healthier planet and create meaningful strategies that support well-being, sustainability, and diversity. Food with Purpose supports our goals through practices like responsible sourcing, waste reduction and community outreach.

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We curate menus and recipes
that are flexible.

We use in-season, local ingredients to create culinary programs and menus for every part of the country.

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We are cutting edge industry
leaders who innovate.

Our diverse portfolio of culinary concepts is made up of chef-created signature recipes that include authentic ingredients. Our Chef’s Tables and Teaching Kitchens create educational, unique experiences for our guests.

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We partner with leading organizations
to deliver culinary excellence.

Our strategic partnerships help us ensure we deliver trend forward, memorable culinary experiences that supports our wellness and sustainable practices.


Our chefs create food experiences that rival your city’s best restaurants.

We provide service nationwide and the food experiences are curated for each market. Our culinary creation process embraces data to deliver menus our guests want. Menus are tailored by region to match diverse flavor preferences, cooking styles and cultures.


We create a food environment that encourages wellbeing while providing engagement, education and excitement in our marketplaces and beyond, with incentives to drive healthy lifestyle behaviors based on these trends.

This is our journey of simple ingredients and sourcing because what we serve matters.

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Our Menus

Our menus emulate the streets with their flair, but reflect ambition, intentionality, and global perspective with their focus.

Our customizable stations encompass authentic cuisines from around the world with hand-selected ingredients that follow our culinary philosophy. We give our guests the ability to customize their meals to support health and well-being.

Our menus are built from a database of hundreds of recipes our chefs have researched, tested and developed. It is how we ensure costs are controlled, waste is managed, nutritional information is reliable, and guest expectations are met.


Our culinary portfolio includes core stations that are there for guests when they want them. We also have innovative concepts that allow for routine rotation to avoid monotony and generate excitement with flavors and authentic, ethnic dishes that guests may enjoy with friends and family.

Limited time offers, daily specials and strategic promotional events create additional marketplace engagement and a true experience.


Our chefs display their creativity, mastery and skill through our chef-inspired programs. Our Chef’s Tables create a spotlight-moment in our marketplaces where guests get to interact and see the chef in action,
offering a premium limited-time menu.

Our pop-up events, chef demonstrations, Teaching Kitchens and virtual team building events add variety to what our guest experience every day and provide an avenue for education, connection, and collaboration.

Culinary Innovations

Island Eats celebrates diverse Caribbean culture and cuisine, with two menus showcasing authentic vacation flavors: Caribbean Jerk and Island Curry.

Quesabirria is a time-limited micro-concept within our Street Eats pop-ups, which highlights a rotation of popular global street foods infused with local and regional tastes.

Cool Chix is inspired by women, created by women. At the heart of this concept are hand-breaded and grilled chicken nugget bites, accompanied by picnic-style sides and an array of delectable dipping sauces.