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Sourcing Sustainable Ingredients

We know that where our food and products come from matters. We are committed to supporting local and regional American family farms; ethical sourcing and net zero deforestation; farm animal welfare; sustainable fish & seafood; and diverse partnerships to build a better future for all.

Local and Regional Farms

We are dedicated to purchasing local and regional produce from farmers and artisans within a 250-mile (local) and 400-mile (regional) radius of our marketplaces. In addition to produce, ingredients can include meats, dairy, cheese and other products. Our goal is also to continue to expand our network of Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) within our communities.

By sourcing locally, we not only maximize the nutritional value of the food we serve (produce begins to lose nutrients within 24 hours of being harvested), but we also reduce the miles food needs to travel.

Ethical Sourcing and Net Zero Deforestation

We support the dignity, wellbeing and human rights of all people. Since 2004, we have been a signatory of the UN Global Compact and support its universal principles on human rights, labor, the environment and anticorruption. Some of the initiatives we support are Fair Trade Coffee, Rainforest Alliance, Sustainable Palm Oil and Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) and diverse suppliers.

Farm Animal Welfare

We focus on plant based menuing and source proteins from suppliers that promote the humane welfare of farm animals and reduced antibiotics.

We continue to work with our suppliers and partner organizations across the globe, such as: Compassion in World Farming, Humane Society International and The Humane League to further research and develop our animal welfare standards.

Sustainable Fish and Seafood

We work alongside other food businesses to scale actions in sustainable sourcing, such as the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative, to preserve oceans for future generations.

Our joint venture with the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch shifts sourcing to sustainable species and eco-friendly fisheries and aquaculture operations.

The canned skipjack tuna we source comes from fisheries that don’t use Fish Aggregating Devices (FAD), which are floating, man-made structures built to attract and aggregate tuna in the open ocean.


We are committed to serving food that will not only nourish our guests but will create change for a healthier planet. Compass Group is proud to be a company that takes the lead on responsible sourcing practices. As a company, we value transparency, which is why report our progress.

  • Support American Family Farms

    Local produce and dairy in support of American Family Farms - Goal 20%
  • rBGH-Free Milk

    Milk free of artificial growth hormones
  • Eco/ Fair Trade Coffee

    Coffee certified eco / fair trade - Goal 25%
  • Reduced Antibiotic Chicken

    Chicken produced without the use of human antibiotics
  • Cage-Free Eggs

    Certified humane cage-free (shell) eggs
  • rBGH-Free Yogurt

    Yogurt free of artificial growth hormones
  • Sustainable Seafood

    Seafood from sustainable sources (SFW criteria)
  • Reduced Antibiotic Turkey

    Turkey produced without the routine use of human antibiotic

Data based on 2022 annual Eurest results. Calculations are based on items where the source has been identified as sustainable or unsustainable per the SFW criteria. Items that aren’t traceable aren’t reported.