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We understand the tremendous impact we can have on healthy living for all which is one of the main drivers of our wellness and sustainability platform, Food with Purpose, designed for the good of people and planet. Whatever Eurest does, you will find Food with Purpose at the core of it. The platform is the foundation of meaningful initiatives we lead, influence and leverage for health and well-being, environmental and social change. including the ingredients we use and recipes we create, and the passion of our people who want to make a difference in the workplace and beyond.

“Imagine what our world could look like if we prioritize making a difference for people and our planet, both at home and work. There is power in purpose.” - Suzanne LandryVice President of Wellness and Sustainability



Our Global Roadmap to Net Zero

Read more about our Global Sustainability Strategy responding to global challenges by aligning our priorities with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Partners With Purpose

Eurest has strategic and collaborative partnerships with a wide variety of industry leaders who share our mission of working for the good of people and planet.

The Food with Purpose Experience

We’ve assembled an incredible team of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists and Chefs who are passionate about helping our guests have fun with food while learning how to take care of their health and the planet. With our vast portfolio of solutions, we’ve developed a wide range of programming.

Teaching Kitchens, Chef Tables, community outreach, monthly promotions, culinary concepts, nutrition tips and recipes are just a few examples of the many ways we’re empowering our guests to make informed, healthy, and sustainable food choices.