Eurest Cares: Giving Back in 2023

February 05, 2024

2023 was a significant year of using our time, talents and partnerships to give back to the communities we serve.

Through their efforts, they’re helping us to advance in our mission to design a better future for all through our community outreach program, Eurest Cares.

Cookbook for a Cause

The Eurest team for a global telecommunications client created its third edition cookbook of chef and associate recipes, sending all proceeds to the client’s internal charity fund, aiding employees affected by natural disasters or domestic violence.

The cookbook is offered digitally and in hardcover. Regional Chef Mark Pensa curated the recipes, Sr. Marketing Manager Danielle Komonce designed the cookbook, and Regional Marketing Director Tara Liong led the campaign strategy. Through the team’s efforts, they raised $5,000 in2023 – and still counting!

Team Braves Rain to Make a Difference

On a rainy afternoon in New Jersey, 28 associate volunteers from across the Mideast gathered to clean Seabright Beach located in Seabright, New Jersey. They used pickle buckets from their marketplaces to collect trash instead of trash bags to cut down on contributing more waste. The team infused some friendly competition for some extra fun, giving prizes to the top two trash-collecting groups, ending the day with nearly 250 pounds of collected trash.

Partnering with Our Clients to Provide Thanksgiving for the Troops

Service members often face the hardship of not being home for the holidays. To provide service members in San Antonio, Texas with some of the season’s best foods, our team partnered with an energy client to host a Thanksgiving for the Troops event in November 2023. Our team donated leftover food to American GI Forum, serving 140 meals to homeless veterans.

“The event was fantastic – we had a lot of happy soldiers, sailors, and airmen. They played, they laughed, they cried, they sang, they danced, and they ate. It was a great day for them – a day off from their military responsibilities and training. A day that they could relax and enjoy, and fondly remember for a long time,” said the client.

Food Donated to Neighborhood In-Need

Teaming up with, Eurest donated food to support three events in November 2023.  Our volunteers assisted over 80 families with groceries and provided food left over from a large event to more than 200 community members located in one of Austin’s poorest neighborhoods.

Fundraiser for local no-kill animal shelter using Waste Not Wag A Lot

Our team and the Facilities Department for one of our medical device clients joined forces for a fundraiser benefiting a local animal shelter in Horn Lake, Mississippi. The team made dog treats from leftover scraps under Eurest’s “Waste Not Wag a Lot” program.

The team baked five types of dog biscuits using scraps like cucumber peels, wilted spinach, and carrot bits. They sold these biscuits for 50 cents each, donating all the proceeds to the shelter. Our Waste Not Wag a Lot program is one of our favorite ways to repurpose food leftovers to feed man’s best friend.