Eurest University: Empowering Success Through Knowledge and Connection

September 05, 2023

Starting a new job is an exciting experience, but those early weeks and months in a new role can come with a steep learning curve. That’s why Eurest University was developed; To help make the transition smoother and empower individuals for success. Eurest University is our customized education program tailored to help equip new and recently promoted salaried associates to be effective in their new managerial roles.

Class is in session over the course of two days, allowing attendees to take a deep dive into the Eurest culture, business initiatives, latest innovations and resources while getting “real-life insight” into the business they’ll be managing. They hear directly from top leaders like Chief Executive Officer Tony McDonald and Chief Financial Officer Mike Eynon to get their questions answered. Workshop-like learning allows them to sharpen their problem-solving abilities, familiarize themselves with best practices, refresh their knowledge of standards, and learn new career development tools.

To ensure learning is anything but boring, Eurest University includes a unique opportunity for attendees to participate in a tradeshow. Subject matter experts in key areas like marketing, retail, communications, culinary, guest experience and catering host booths where attendees can interact with products, set-ups and resources they’ll need leading operations.

One of the greatest advantages of Eurest University is the opportunity for individuals with similar job responsibilities to build a supportive community. The program is exclusively offered in person, enabling associates to network, compare experiences, and collaborate with one another.

They take part in a team-building event as part of Eurest Cares, our community impact program. During our inaugural event in Spring 2023 participants assembled and donated nearly 200 bagged lunches to Roof Above, a local non-profit in Charlotte, NC.

“As someone who has been with the company for many years as I moved up into higher roles, I was extremely impressed with this program. After attending, I re-evaluated my overall approach to my business and I feel like I have a great path for success! Networking and getting face time with leaders I have worked with for years but have never seen in person because of distance was a bonus,” said District Manager David Lobban

Eurest University is offered twice a year during the fall and spring.