Eurest Wins 2023 AxoniCom Award for Best Communications

October 26, 2023

With over 16,000 full- and part-time associates across 48 states, Eurest faces a unique challenge: how to make a big company feel small. Since 2017, Eurest has worked to build community and enhance communication through our voluntary frontline engagement app, Nudge, an Axonify company.

Through Nudge, Eurest has achieved impressive adoption and engagement rates, which led to the team earning the “Best Communications” award at AxoniCom 2023.

Building Strong Connections

Eurest utilizes the Nudge platform to deliver content and communications that connects people, regardless of their role, allowing direct connection with frontline and salaried associates. They receive daily micro-messaging via push notifications regarding company initiatives, training and learning opportunities, cultural information, culinary tips, best practice sharing and more.

To keep them engaged, there’s an element of fun and gamification to encourage participation and camaraderie. The platform has played a significant role in bringing associates together during national events like International Women’s Day, Employee Appreciation Day, Random Acts of Kindness Day and Chef Appreciation Week.

Business Intelligence Manager Alison Lambert spearheads the communication and engagement reaching 7,085 of our associates with daily Nudge messages. Alison works collaboratively across various departments in Eurest to curate messaging and interaction, delivering over one million Nudges to inform, educate, and talk with our associates, resulting in an impressive 64% engagement rate.

The feedback shared in Spark has been invaluable, allowing associates to contribute to big company projects and initiatives like naming new culinary brands and celebrating national food holidays. Additionally, it helped shape the agenda for training and events designed to support career growth and performance.

Recognition has also been a key community component on Nudge. Associates are encouraged to celebrate their peers with Cheers pins, digital tokens of appreciation for various accomplishments like teamwork and safety. Associates have sent over 55,000 cheers pins to date.

“What an absolute honor it is to receive this award. It’s an honor to know that this award recognizes all of the love, effort, and time that has been put into developing engaging and informative content for our frontline team members,” says Alison. “A special thank you to the support of the thousands of team members across the country who read and engage with the app every day!”