Food with Purpose Change Makers: Paul Gimmler and Jennifer Gregory

April 24, 2024

Vice President of Operations Jennifer Gregory and Resident District Manager Paul Gimmler are a power duo with a proven track record of turning their passion for sustainable environments and operations into meaningful results for clients in the southwestern part of the country. Together, they work to identify and implement innovative ways to reduce waste for their oil and gas client located in Texas, and in turn, support healthier ecosystems they both hope to preserve for future generations

Their teamwork and forward-thinking approach recently earned them recognition as a 2024 Food with Purpose Change Maker in April.

Their dedication to reducing waste aligns with our four Food with Purpose initiatives and also sets a powerful example for others.

Here are some of the results Jennifer and Paul helped create  in 2023:

  • Over 198,000 to-go containers were reused with the Ozzi system, cutting costs and reducing landfill waste.
  • The team replaced over 110,000 plastic bottles with dispensed beverages, equivalent to 2.5 times the height of Mount Everest.
  • Switching from disposable to reusable containers and covers saved an estimated 92 miles of plastic wrap.
  • 155 meals are donated twice a week to two local shelters, reducing food waste and supporting those in need.
  • They also composted nearly 40,000 pounds of food scraps, coffee grounds, and compostable items, creating compost for landscaping and gardens.

“There’s something rewarding about making something work that no one else has been able to,” says Jennifer. “We want to be the ones driving the change and doing something new that makes a difference for our planet.”

“No idea is too big or too small. We share ideas and just make them happen,” says Paul.