Safety First: Our Commitment to Excellence

June 28, 2023

A sense of safety and security may be one of life’s most precious commodities. It protects things that are sacred: our health and wellbeing, quality of life, productivity and efficiency and trust.

We start all our team meetings, no matter who they include, with safety moments to make it a practice: safety comes first.

For National Safety Month this June, we want to put a spotlight on some of our teams who are leading by example ensuring our associates, clients and guests feel safe when they are with us.

Team Gets “Gold” for Safety

Let’s start by introducing you to our award-winning team at one of our large oil & gas clients in Texas. Recently, they were honored with the prestigious “Gold” Safety Vendor Contract Award by one of our largest oil and gas clients located in Texas. This recognition was not easily earned—it required meeting stringent criteria, including an impressive record of 10,000 incident-free working hours and active participation in the client’s safety model, LPS (Loss Prevention System).

Focusing on Food Safety

In partnership with Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE), we offer rigorous training programs verified by FARE to ensure our team members are knowledgeable and skilled in accommodating and managing dietary restrictions and allergies.

Our team serving an educational client in Los Angeles, CA, has recently been awarded the FARECheck Silver Certification, recognizing their diligence and commitment to ensuring every associate completes the FARECheck allergen and food safety training.

“As a leader, I see knowledge as power. The more knowledge we have, the better service we can provide to our guests,” says General Manager Patty Madjdi.

Our team’s dedication to ongoing education and training not only guarantees the highest standards of food safety but also demonstrates our commitment to creating a safe and inclusive dining experience for all guests.

Team Shares Injury-free Success

Maintaining a strong safety culture has allowed our team serving a financial services client in Nashville, TN make a bold statement: we’ve been injury-free since 2016.

How do they do this? General Manager Chris Nochowicz says, “each of us is a piece of the pie that keeps this operation running.  If we are missing a piece, we all struggle together.  We are better as a team when we care about each other and look out for each other.”

They offer valuable advice to other teams: live it, breathe it, and ensure everyone understands the collective dedication to their personal safety.

We understand that safety is more than a buzzword; it is a commitment we hold closely. We are proud of the achievements of our teams, as they consistently demonstrate excellence in safety practices.