Women Who Inspire: Eurest Chefs Attend Annual Women in Culinary Showcase

March 04, 2024

Compass Group’s Women in Culinary Showcase is designed to elevate the talent and influence of our female culinarians. The annual event brings together top-performing female chefs from Compass Group USA’s 28 companies to learn, create, and inspire.

This year, two Eurest chefs will be participating: Executive Chef Patricia Seitz and Senior Chef Manager Raynasha Noel. Spend a few minutes getting to know them:

Executive Chef Patricia Seitz

  • Account: United Health Group
  • Location: Eden Prairie, Minnesota
  • Years with Eurest: 8

Patricia Seitz’s love for cooking started early in life. Growing up with a grandmother and aunt who owned a restaurant, she learned the business at a young age. Through her exposure, she was inspired to take foodservice classes in high school, kickstarting her culinary career.

“I always had a passion. I never really thought about anything else besides being a cook.”

Once in the field, Patricia faced the challenge of proving herself as a female chef. She says she felt she worked twice as hard and twice as long, determined to stand out.

“You just have to believe in yourself and show your work. Tell people to give you a chance and let them see what you can do,” said Patricia.

After the Women in Culinary Showcase, Patricia plans to share what she’s learned with her team, inspiring and helping them progress in their careers.

Senior Chef Manager Raynasha Noel

  • Account: First Republic Bank
  • Location: Palo Alto, CA
  • Years with Eurest: 2

Raynasha Noel’s cooking journey started when she moved from Haiti to the United States with her dad.  He warned her about the dangers of using a stove at a young age, but she was determined and showed off her cooking skills at just six years old, making dinner up to three nights a week.

Raynasha was inspired by the strong women in her culture, which deepened her love for cooking and cultural foods.

Her favorite Haitian dish? Bannann Peze (fried plantains) and griot (pork shoulder marinated in citrus).

“In my culture, it’s the women who handle the cooking. My aunt and other older women were my role models, teaching me almost everything I know.”

As she entered the culinary industry professionally, Raynasha noticed a difference from the women-led culture in Haiti. At first, she tried to fit in, but soon realized it was crucial to stand out. “We, as women, bring unique experiences to the kitchen, and we’re essential here.”

Raynasha is excited about the Women in Culinary Showcase, looking forward to collaborating with fellow female chefs.

“I hope to return as a better representative of women in this industry. This experience will open my eyes, making me a better chef, a better manager, and an overall better person being surrounded by such inspiring women,” Raynasha said.