Women’s History Month: All-Female Team Leads Major Oil & Gas Account

March 31, 2022

Nestled in the heart of the energy corridor in the country’s 4th largest city is a Eurest powerhouse operation run by an all-female leadership team. You’ll want to remember the names of Jennifer Gregory, Alma Burell, Arlyne Lopez, Maria Civarolo and Caroline Steger because they are changing the game when it comes to women in culinary and elevated workplace experiences at the America Headquarters of a major oil & gas client. They are not only inspiring because of their sharp execution and expertise in corporate dining, but most started as entry-level employees and worked their way into leadership positions.

Regional Director Jennifer Gregory leads the team overseeing a full portfolio of various clients in the southeast Texas region and has worked with the account for just over seven years. Jennifer has established strong client ties, rooted in recognizing and elevating internal talent that constantly exceeds our clients’ expectations.

General Manager Alma Burell’s strong self-determination has helped her, from establishing herself in the U.S. after immigrating from Mexico to now leading one of the company’s largest operations. She is now paying it forward, assisting in the development of numerous future leaders. Alma is currently training four frontline employees, who she believes will be future leaders of Compass, through a leadership course she and Arlyne Lopez created.

Alma Burell, General Manager

Arlyne Lopez, Strategic Solutions Manager

Arlyne possesses a natural flair for the creative as well as a strong desire to provide an exceptional guest experience. Arlyne has grown from an hourly associate and catering manager to now leading event coordination for a number of the client’s locations across the Americas.

Executive Chef Maria Civarolo and Sous Chef Caroline Steger bring the food experience to life at the Houston campus of our oil & gas client. They work as a team, leading more than 30 people with a knack for finding and nurturing talent. They recently assisted one of their frontline workers in graduating from the Global University of Lifelong Learning (GULL), a frontline development program that helps hourly associates prepare for management positions. Everyone should sample the constancy of food quality and the culinary authenticity they can channel through their frontline staff.

Maria Civarolo, Executive Chef


Caroline Steger, Sous Chef

“Eurest’s BP Westlake One café operation is one of the best in the South Division. The dedication to excellence, the attention to detail, the commitment to provide excellent guest experiences every day, the food quality and variety are second to none,” said South Division President Garwin Freeze. “the leadership team is motivated, determined, cohesive and operate as a well-oiled machine, each knowing their responsibilities and delivering daily in a way that almost always exceeds expectation. The clients, the customers and guests are always amazed and truly appreciative of the team at BP Westlake One.”

There are several women who contribute to the success of this leading account, all of whom have found a path forward to advance themselves and revolutionize the guest experience.

  • Julissa Soloranza, Catering Manager
  • Leona Cooley, Safety Champion
  • Yesenia Soldevilla, Front-of-House Lead
  • Emma Rojas, Office Manager

Women have shaped our past and continue to impact our future through their incredible accomplishments that, often, had to be vigilantly fought for to be earned. The strong women of Eurest have a powerful story to tell – of all the many hats they wear as they make their own impact where they are. Let’s take the time to celebrate them and share their stories.