Celebrating Culinary Excellence: Chef Katie Cowie Named Eurest and Compass Group’s Chef of the Year

September 14, 2023

At the heart and soul of Eurest are our chefs, each bringing their own brilliance to the table. To honor their dedication, we celebrate Chef Appreciation Week annually to shine a spotlight on all of our chefs while also celebrating one of our standouts who exemplifies true culinary leadership, creativity, and commitment, honoring them as Chef of the Year. This year, Chef Katie Cowie shines extra bright, earning the esteemed title of Eurest’s 2023 Chef of the Year. She was also selected out of all of Compass Group’s 28 specialized sectors as Compass Group’s 2023 Chef of the Year.

“I am so honored to be recognized as Chef of the Year. I am grateful for the people and chefs who have mentored me over the years and the opportunities I have been given to grow and learn every day,” she says.

Katie’s interest in the culinary arts began growing up in Washington State. “I was inspired by my German grandmother who made German pastries and cakes as a way to earn money after she moved to the States. My dad was also very passionate about food, and we would always cook together,” she says, highlighting the family bond that ignited her culinary passion.

Her first job in foodservice was at a summer camp where she prepared meals for young campers. Katie has also worked in various restaurants, eventually leading her to culinary school and setting the stage for her career with Eurest, where she started as an hourly union cook.

Two decades later, Katie has advanced to oversee culinary excellence as a Regional Chef in Eurest’s National Accounts division.

Chef of the Year, Katie Cowie, pictured with her team.

Chef Katie Cowie (pictured in the top row on the left side in a white chef’s coat) with her team.

“Katie is a true professional of her trade. She is a great executer, a great leader and overall – just a great person. We are so proud to have her on our team and believe she is very deserving of this recognition,” said CEO Tony McDonald. “She is responsible for the success of so many others. Katie is a role model to her teams and to other women in culinary throughout the entire Compass organization.”

Mentorship has also been pivotal in her journey. “I have been fortunate to have been mentored by several talented chefs and operators over the years that have given me the confidence and support to continue pushing myself throughout my career,” says Katie.

Beyond the kitchen, Katie champions community, wellness, sustainability, and social responsibility. She is the epitome of culinary excellence, whose passion for her craft shines in every aspect of her work.

“Chef Katie Cowie embodies all the qualities a chef leader should have, making her the ideal selection for Eurest and Compass Group’s Chef of the Year. Her culinary talent and leadership will undoubtedly inspire and impress for years to come,” says Chief Culinary Officer Chris Ivens-Brown.