Celebrating Pride Month with Executive Chef Michelle Matlock

June 07, 2024

We believe in creating an inclusive culture where everyone feels welcome, respected and free to be themselves. During PRIDE Month, we raise LGBTQ+ voices to educate and empower.  Meet Michelle Matlock, an Executive Chef based out of Atlanta.  Michelle shares her perspective and what the 2024 PRIDE Month theme of ‘Reflect, Empower and Unite’ signifies.

“I’ve been out, loud and PROUD for four decades, three of which I’ve spent in the food industry. I’ve seen all the struggles of my community over those years. It is a much more accepting world than it once was, though not as safe as it should be. I never thought I’d see the day I’d work for a company and brand that would celebrate PRIDE alongside me. Coming from the days when even an identifying word like ‘lesbian’ would be grounds for disciplinary action, I am so proud that all the ‘good trouble’ we’ve made in the face of bigotry gives our youth today more security.”

When asked what the 2024 Pride Month theme of ‘Reflect, Empower and Unite’ means to her:

Reflect and remember where we came from, those that have been taken from us too young. Empower by taking a direct hand in the mentorship of our youth.  Unite together so we can ensure we never have to closet again. Our strength is in our unity and our collective voice.”