Daughter Follows Mom’s Lead in Eurest Frontline Development Program

February 05, 2024

When Michelle Salgado enrolled in the Global University of Lifelong Learning (GULL) program in 2019, she had no idea about the impact that one decision would have. Participating in Eurest’s frontline development program would not only propel her into a managerial role, it also inspired her daughter, Amanda, to aspire for more, graduating from GULL in 2023.

“My mom has been my biggest inspiration. I don’t think I tell her that enough,” says Amanda. “I remember watching my mom go through the GULL program and saw her grow right before my eyes. When I was nominated by my own manager, I leaped at the opportunity.”

GULL creates a pathway for hourly frontline associates, preparing them for salaried managerial roles and helping them develop stronger operational and interpersonal skills.

During the 16-week program, GULL students complete various assignments that cover core job essentials like operations and finance, guest experience, marketing and culinary, and wellness.

Each student is assigned a mentor who guides them through their learning experience and provides insight on working in management. The mentors are considered to be an outlet of support for the students. Mentors also work with students to help them prepare for their capstone project which acts as a final exam to their 16-week coursework.

“GULL gave me the confidence to go after what I want, and it brought me closer to my customers,” said Michelle. “I’m proud that my experience influenced Amanda. It’s her first job and it makes me happy as a mom to see her grow and flourish.”

Since graduating from the GULL program in 2018, Michelle has advanced from a catering attendant to a catering lead. Amanda has also improved her confidence and is willing to take on more challenges.

“It feels good knowing that I have people who see potential in me and are willing to take the chance on me to see where all this support goes,” says Amanda.

The 2024 GULL class began in February. Graduation ceremonies will take place in various locations across the country in June 2024.