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Defining the Experience

Elev8 Hospitality defines the experience with a holistic 360-degree approach to hospitality. Broken up into eight tenets, our hospitality platform spends equal time with our guests, our clients, and our team. We believe in a world where everyone has the tools, knowledge, and support to be inspired to do great work every day.

“A great guest experience starts with me.” We live by this promise, embodying it in both words and actions, shaping our service culture. This sense of ownership guides every interaction with guests, clients, and each other, forming a core aspect of our identity. It’s a cornerstone of our service structure, originating with our frontline team and echoed by our managers. Understanding and meeting guest needs with personalized service is key. Living this promise ensures guest satisfaction and happy clients.​

We’re dedicated to nurturing our team members through various programs: LIFT for new hires, GULL for high-potential frontline members, and Mentoring for fostering connections nationwide. Our Eurest Training Library offers tailored training accessible via MyLMS, exclusively for our team.​

We strive to empower our Eurest team in a manner that promotes collaboration, transparency, respect, growth and shared accountability. Every time our team members interact with a guest, it is critical that they are prepared to deliver a great experience.

Our Voice of the Customer (VOC) platform empowers guests, providing a platform for their feedback. By gathering data from various touchpoints, we analyze trends and develop training strategies to enhance positive behaviors and address challenges. Quantitative research, gathered from guest submissions, mystery shopping, voting apps, and website comments, offers numerical insights. Qualitative data, obtained from focus groups and table interactions, provides deeper insights into specific guest segments. This approach helps us pinpoint areas for improvement and take action to ensure excellence across all fronts.​

A culture is defined by its collective attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. Eurest’s Centers for Excellence (CFE) bring our principles and values to life. The CFE mission is to educate and shape how excellence, delivered consistently as a part of an everyday operating culture, drives real results and reinforces our mission and vision of excellence. At CFEs, culture and training come together to create operational excellence.

The Fresh Fork Catering brand instills confidence and builds loyalty with a consistent image that focuses on trends, seasonality and customization by business type. 

Our catering strategy focuses on the following three Ps:

  1. People – Building the right relationships with our guests by understanding their needs.
  2. Process – Delivering our services consistently.
  3. Product – Creating Value through the authenticity of our menus that matches our guests’ desires. 

We understand that trends and preferences vary based on business type, region, and guest demographics. Our hospitality approach emphasizes a human-centered strategy, utilizing data and technology for memorable experiences. By leveraging register data and our Voice of the Customer platform, we gain valuable insights into guest preferences, enabling us to personalize experiences. This agility extends to menu creation, purchasing, and staffing decisions. Equipped with this knowledge, our Guest Experience Members (GEMs) provide personalized interactions, understanding guests’ preferences from past visits and VOC surveying. This ensures each visit is uniquely tailored, providing a memorable experience every time.​

Our team is structured to own the full life cycle of information. We examine four areas to manage all stages of data to spot trends: speed of service, perceived value, product authenticity and hospitality analytics. 

In addition to our internal chefs, Marketers and other support team members throughout the business, we rely on and leverage the resources of the following organizations and groups to enhance our effectiveness and bring validity to what we do and the services we offer.

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