Food with Purpose Change Maker: Judith Cademartori

May 13, 2024

What started as a chance for professional advancement quickly transformed into an opportunity for Eurest Chef Manager Judith Cademartori to make a significant difference.

As a delegate of Eurest’s 16-week frontline development program, Judie directed her energies toward curbing front-of-house retail food waste, all as part of her Global University for Lifelong Learning (GULL) capstone project. Her approach revolved around Waste Not practices and had two core elements. First, she identified product expiration dates, rescuing items before they turned into waste. Second, she relocated products to more enticing spots, effectively turning potential waste into opportunities for higher sales.

The significance of Judie’s efforts becomes clear when you look at the numbers. Under her guidance, her marketplace achieved an impressive 11% reduction in packaged snack waste. But her impact doesn’t stop there. Judith also implemented a best practice, having her Waste Not Champion ensure daily follow-ups with associates. Each associate logs their waste into the tablet, and the Waste Not Champion ensures its completion. This approach leaves no room for waste to go unnoticed.

As a direct result of her impactful leadership, Judie journey resulted in her promotion to Chef Manager following her completion of the GULL program and earned her recognition as a 2024 Food with Purpose Change Maker in May.

“I am a big advocate of innovation, breaking down barriers, and working like there is ‘no box.’ Chef Judie is an example of all of these qualities and more,” says District Manager Ronald Perlstein. “Her success shows what can happen when you focus on a goal and work hard for it. Now she’s a Chef Manager, and her future looks really promising.”

Judith’s GULL experience is a testament to personal growth driving organizational progress. Her commitment not only propelled her career but also steered her marketplace toward a more sustainable and prosperous future.