Honoring Veterans and Military Families with Dedication, Partnerships, and Support

November 30, 2023

Eurest is proud to create pathways of support for our country’s veterans – from partnerships with programs giving veterans professional opportunities to sourcing veteran-owned products to offer variety and specialty items for our guests.

For many of our leaders, this work is personal.


Major Raine Holley supports three national clients as a Regional Wellness Director and serves in the United States Army Reserve.

Today, Raine co-chairs VetNet, a Compass Group employee resource group that supports active duty and veteran associates, aiding their transition to civilian life.

As a VetNet co-chair, Raine leads and organizes VetNet activities. Her aim is to create a supportive environment for active duty, veterans, reservists, and their families within Compass Group. She focuses on promoting veteran recruitment, career growth, and engagement.

“Serving in the U.S. Army Reserve, I have a personal connection to the military and a commitment to helping others make a successful transition. Leadership skills learned in the military, such as teamwork, discipline, and adaptability, can be valuable in facilitating this transition. As co-chair for VetNet, I hope to assist active duty personnel, reservists and veterans to find meaningful careers within Compass Group and promote a diverse and inclusive workplace,” said Raine.

The Compass Group family also has partnerships with organizations like Hiring Our Heroes and HirePurpose, which offer recruiting strategies and job opportunities for transitioning service members and their spouses.


In 2023, Eurest expanded its partnership with Over Easy snacks, founded by former U.S. Army member Kyle Maggard.

“Like every veteran, my sense of duty and service to our country didn’t stop when I left the military. After recognizing the health challenges our country faces and the need for more wholesome food in the American diet, I started Over Easy to give busy families like mine a healthy and delicious snack they could take pride in eating,” said Kyle.

Kyle’s commitment to service extends to providing wholesome snacks that positively impact American lives. In recognition of Veterans Day 2023,he hosted a sampling table event with his products at a national healthcare client location in Minnesota.

“Wherever my life takes me, I’ll always have the pride of knowing that I served my country with integrity and honor,” said Kyle.

Eurest extends  our gratitude and support for veterans and their families. We honor their dedication and will continue to seek out new ways to provide meaningful opportunities for those who have served our nation.