Recognizing Our Champions of Safety for National Safety Month

June 21, 2024

Safety is more than a rule in our book; it is our culture. We are proud to be an industry leader, and that wouldn’t be possible without keeping workplace safety top of mind. In 2022, Compass Group earned the prestigious Black Pearl Award for excellence in food safety, and while awards are honorable, we recognize it’s our team members who deserve to hold up the trophy for maintaining safe environments. Our Safety Champions are our culture builders nationwide, educating and advocating for safe work and food practices daily among our operations.

One of them is South Division General Manager Robert Zborowski. He begins every day with a pre-service meeting where safety is the main event. Robert says he doesn’t lecture; instead, he keeps things fun and interactive. Associates teach each other, play games, or act out scenarios as they learn, practice, and reinforce. To ensure no one is left out, activities are translated in Spanish and Korean. As a bonus, Robert loves to recognize his safety superstars, keeping camaraderie strong.

Eastern Division General Manager Ian Wolff is another remarkable safety champion. For Ian, safety isn’t just about following a checklist—it’s a framework for all operations. He uses safety newsletters, kitchen signage, and pre-service meetings to keep safety front and center. His proactive approach gets everyone thinking “STOP, THINK, ACT” before they do anything. This empowers new associates to embrace our safety culture from day one.

Robert and Ian are excellent examples of what it means to prioritize safety. Their creative ideas and dedication keep people safe and our kitchens running smoothly.