A Blueprint for Success: Marketing Interns Designing the Future

June 03, 2024

Elise McGeehan, Eurest Senior Director Growth & Retention Marketing, pictured with Taunton High School interns

Eurest’s hospitality-first culture means putting people first and creating memorable experiences through food. Two seniors from Taunton High School in Massachusetts had a unique opportunity to take the skills from the classroom and apply it to real-world hospitality projects. Leticia Lopes and Grace Vanlaarhoven joined Eurest as marketing design interns this spring where they supported teams designing new and reimagined Eurest marketplaces and retail spaces.

According to Taunton’s Internship Coordinator Rebecca Raposa, placing students in a real-world environment sets them up for success. Through this program, students are building soft skills, learning time management and communicating in a professional setting.

“It took us out of our comfort zone and allowed us to be creative and take it a step further than what we were doing in the classroom,” explained Grace Vanlaarhoven.

Eurest’s internship integrates professional growth and empowers young talent. Leticia and Grace were given the opportunity to work on actual projects using AutoCAD software to build and design.

Kait Taylor, Eurest Director of Regional Marketing lauded the work of these students. “The expertise and creative abilities of Leticia and Grace were instrumental in supporting our needs in relation to design and space utilization. They were able to transform a cafe into an exciting, welcoming environment through their use of colors, materials and décor.”

“I remember it all started as a little kid when I built a Barbie Dreamhouse out of cardboard. Joining the CAD program is honestly the biggest passion of my life,” said Leticia Lopes.

“Collaborating with the interns provided a fresh perspective and brought a new level of enthusiasm to the project. Their ideas were well received, and we can use the designs as inspiration for future Market concepts,” added Eurest’s Division Marketing Director Leah Gayowski.

The students, now official high school graduates, are gearing up for the next chapter at college and taking their passion for architecture and design to the next level.