Culinary Philosophy

Eurest’s culinary philosophy is engrained into our culture within our leadership, regional support teams and account managers at every level. Established through structured culinary guidelines and united with our business model, our culinary philosophy not only improves customer satisfaction, but strengthens our client relationships and attracts a workforce of high caliber.​

We are passionate about our food and where our food comes from.  

Our foodservice is flexible and customized for our clients and customers.  

We care about the safety of our people and our environment.  

We utilize Chef-created signature recipes and local, seasonal fruits and vegetables.  

We partner with our clients, customers, chefs and branded business partners to deliver culinary excellence. 

Eurest offers its clients a winning portfolio of culinary concepts and brands. From exclusive company-owned concepts to popular national brand partners, our portfolio provides the perfect and profitable solution for any foodservice need.

Our culinary program offers core stations, rotating concepts and micro-concepts, and focuses on trends in foodservice, the growing Millennial and Gen Z demographic and more ingredient-focused, customizable menu solutions. We also partner with more than 50 regional, national, and international brands such as Pei Wei, Pork & Mindy’s by Jeff Mauro, Mercato by Fabio Viviani, and Baja Fresh. Whatever the setting, Eurest provides clients with a banquet of innovation, selection, and quality.

Core Stations
A Permanent Concept takes the place of a traditional station, and does not change throughout the week or month.
Limited Time Offers (LTOs) and Daily Specials create excitement at these stations.

Rotating Concepts
A Rotating Concept takes the place of a traditional core station, but each concept is only featured for 2-3 days. These create excitement by focusing on authentic cuisines that rotate regularly.

Our newest concepts, Micro-Concepts, are an exciting way to add something extra to your marketplace for the day. These concepts are based on authentic recipes and more adventurous cuisines.

Our Concepts:

Our culinary team routinely creates food concepts that are original and exclusive to Eurest. The concepts are developed to reflect current food trends and our own authenticity in recipe development, bringing popular street fare to our marketplaces. Every concept has a unique marketing brand associated with it for easy customer identification, and each concept is tested and approved by our seasoned chefs.


Great Partnerships:

Eurest recognizes our guests are looking for ample variety and premium branding with their meal options. Eurest takes pride in developing strong relationships with the industry’s leading food suppliers to meet those demands. Partnerships with major suppliers allows our team to introduce new and exciting programs that are on track with the latest retail and culinary trends. We are dedicated to ensuring that our guests are offered the quality, nutrition, culinary innovation and variety they expect.

Power of Compass

Culinary Philosophy